How Pro Online Class Work?

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Q: What are all the services would you be able to provide help with?


We, at Pro Online Class, help students achieve their study goals by guiding them with various subjects, helping them getting good grades in their quizzes and assignments. We have multiple study section at Pro Online Class to provide authentic and easy to digest content for homework, essays, exams, and discussion boards. If you are a professional and stuck at something out of the scope, our experts will help you out get out of the hot waters.

Q: Do you need to log into my online course to provide a price quote?


It is sometimes mandatory to log into the course account to fill in the price quote. Sometimes, it is done without being logged in; our experts will have a quick check if it’s possible or not; if it’s not, send us your login details and we will do it for you.

Q: How much do your service cost?


We provide best and cost-effective price quotes for all of our students; we know that students are always short of money, hence they are price sensitive. Fill in your requirements and we will provide you with price quote free of cost so that you have an idea of how it is going to cost for a required project. Also, the service cost depends on the time it is going to take to fill out the required task and difficulty level.

Q: Who are your experts?


Our online experts have years of experience in online tuition courses; all of the educators are graduates and PhD scholars from the distinguished institutes around the world. The education and information level is up to the mark assuring you the best grades. The extraordinary teachers and study notes will surely improve your educational record after registering here at Pro Online Class.

Q: Is my login information protected with you guys?


Yes, all of your information and credentials are secured with our SSL certificates, you will get an encrypted and safer experience here at Pro Online Class through your internet browser. Your login details and credit/debit card information will be secured with our tested SSL system handled by expert team.

Q: Will you have the capacity to satisfy reference and academic integrity requirements?


We know all the known referencing styles, tell us what’s your referencing requirement and we will do it the way you like. Our experts are familiar with all the referencing styles i.e. APA, Harvard etc. if your school or college follows its referencing style, let us know and we will do that way.

Q: Do I receive updates on my assignment’s, online classes, essays & exams progress?


Click on email notifications on your dashboard and we will update you with the assignment and quiz progress/completion. Also, you can chat online or call us for updates on your work.

Q: what costs it’s going to charge?


For detailed quotation on how much it will cost after your work is done, you have to provide your course information, field of study, and difficulty level i.e. high school, college, university. Our team will review the assignment and its details and you will be informed about the pricing later through an email by Pro Online Class.

Q: to get a quote, how long it will take?


It will take a maximum of 30 minutes for your final quotation after it is seen by any of our experts with relevant field of study. If you are in a hurry, use live chat to get instant quote through our scholars.

Q: what is required for getting a quote?


To get a quote, all you need is:

1. Email us the task

2. Provide us with login details via Email

3. Chat with our experts online through Pro Online Class

• Our Email address:

Before sending your course syllabus, provide information about the grading structure of the course and due date of the sent course.

The login details must have:

• Login URL

• Username & Password

• Course Name and type i.e. quiz, assignment, discussion, presentation etc.

You will definitely be graded an A or B, otherwise we will give your money back, no questions asked.

Q: Do I communicate with expert?


Yes, of course, you will be provided with all the information regarding the tutor, all his/her educational credential, contact, and email information. You will be entitled with all the required information regarding the tests, assignments after they are done, ask anything to the expert and they will satisfy you with the results.

Q: how can you pay? Do I have to pay in advance or after the class?


We only accept payments through a secured third-party payment processor. We don’t allow payments via Pro Online Class official website. We will provide you with the website link through email for payment.

Yes, you have to pay the fee in advance. If we are unable to perform well or as required, you will be refunded within 24 hours.